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EU commission conference in Brussels

I recently visited the EU commission Conference in Brussels thanks to the WO, it was great to be a part of international entrepreneurs week and to network with global successful businesses, there was still allot of talk about business finance and lack of it, my advice would be seek out the people that want to help, build strong networks within your key market areas, become an expert in all aspects of your business and work with like minded people.

“Our attitude almost always determines your flight path in life, dare to soar and you will achieve exceptional things.”
MD Jo Copoc

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New methodology and concept the Flight Path™

Boomerang have huge growth and development projects in the pipeline, and our intention is to become a recognised global brand.

We hope our new methodology and concept the Flight Path™ will be used across many businesses for years to come, if this continues to increase bottom line profits in the businesses we work with then this can only be profitable investment.

Our long term vision is to build a business school for ex graduates to support them in their quest to find a career, we have already been instrumental in providing jobs and support in this area improving employability and getting students into work will grow the economy.

We have Boomerang business Academy that support anyone looking to improve customer excellence, sales and general business activities, this is available to our clients direct and also we will be running academy workshops for the participant direct in 2013.

Then there is the Boomerang Institute for Leaders this programme is for the managers and business leaders, the key drivers in all businesses this programme has been very successful across the UK, our main aims is to build this programme into our business here in Liverpool and run regular leaders institute programmes.

We will keep you updated on our progress and workshops dates for 2013.

If you are interested in further details on any of the above programmes please contact us direct.

Watch this space for our new team building days and experiential learning that will take your business to new heights.

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“I Dreamed a Dream”

Remember the day you decided that you were going to fly solo, that you were going to fulfil your  dreams and run a successful company and be in control of your own destiny.

Read more on the Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle website …

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How to ‘Survive the Cuts’

Rounding off the afternoon with her highly motivational style was Jo Copoc of Boomerang Business Solutions. Jo spoke about how to increase overall average value sales and giving good customer service. For hair and beauty businesses she said it is about getting past that initial rapport building conversation and introducing some “good questions”. Asking your customer ‘why’ they choose certain products over others, ‘when’ they are most likley to get certain treatments done ‘how’ they feel about they service they have had etc. provides you with valuable information that can help you find products and services right for them.

Read more on the Women’s Organisations Blog

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