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Our Services

  • Coaching & People Development

  • Talent Source

  • Telemarketing

We can help you find new business, grow your current customer revenues, increase conversion rates, establish new key clients, be proactive in your approach to business , over achieve budgets and targets set.

All of our training is available for your new starter’s right through to senior management; we have built bespoke Training Academies and Business Leader’s Institutes.

We also work hard to increase employability in students through assessment centres.

Our programmes always over deliver and grow business revenues, we always exceed ROI.

The successful Flight Path™ for any business requires the following; at Boomerang we work with all these areas.

  • Building business platforms and assisting with new foundations
  • Improving communication and culture changes
  • Assisting with talent source and recruitment processes
  • Creating bespoke career development models
  • Coaching and training up skills and people development
  • Customer excellence and sales skills
  • Maximising business returns through monitoring and evaluation

The biggest cost to business is in recruiting the wrong people and lack of strategy / business planning. Reactive management, poor leadership, not enough sales and customer excellence all contribute to poor business results, coupled with lack of motivation / desire, skills and poor communication leads to a stagnant business and under-performance.

Both People development and recruitment can make or break a business.

All of the above impact on time and resource, Boomerang can assist in all these areas; we will take that pain away whilst you continue managing the day to day business.

Due to the pace in which we work today managers tend to tell staff what to do, instead of coaching, training and leading, this will have a direct impact on morale, staff retention and growth. They also tend to make knee jerk decisions that affect the bottom line, Boomerang will act as a management support in times of need.

Look after your front line and they will look after the bottom line.

See our individual services People development, Talent source and Business consultancy for more information plus there are examples of a few of our programmes below.

Our Core Services

  1. Coaching & People Development
  2. Talent Source
  3. Business Consultancy