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Business Consultancy

Are you proactive in your approach to business growth?

Could you improve your current costs and profits?

Is your business planning and strategy aligned with current market conditions?

Are your company vision, goals and objectives being achieved?

At Boomerang our experience, knowledge and unique approach to business consultancy ensures we deliver and exceed your expectations.

Our services include Business Development, Business Planning, Business Restructure, Business Strategy, Sales Training, Customer Excellence Programmes, People Development and Talent source.

We create platforms and foundations for future growth, our Flight Path™ is built to complement and enhance your current business structure and processes.

BoomConsultants use the Flight Path™ model to understand the destination of your business and the direction you must take to ensure you get there. Your Flight Path™ will be the core of your business strategy. It will be instrumental in creating bespoke platforms to assist with future growth.

Our BoomConsultants will help you develop a strategic vision of the future, provide guidance on sales and business strategies to help you expand and grow as well as improving staff performance and motivation.

We can help you to grow organically, increase revenue avenues and find new gaps in the business. We provide senior management with support and develop talent source programmes to ensure we are not only saving you time and resources, but also we are helping your business to become self sufficient. Your business will be able to source its own ideal candidates and train them up to be the future of your business.

At Boomerang our objective is to increase revenue and improve performance through expert and professional business consultancy.