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The Flight Path

Our unique Flight Path™ model is based on the flight path of the boomerang. A boomerang’s Flight Path™ consists of four stages:

  • Design
  • Plan
  • Throw
  • Return

All four stages are key to the successful return of the boomerang. Similarly, your business has its own Flight Path™ – what you want to achieve. In order to achieve your objectives and make a return on investment you must follow the Flight Path™ model.

Technical Flight Path - Boomerang


BoomConsultants will create an initial business assessment, which includes extensive research into your business, the market place and your competitors, in order to establish your business objectives and a bespoke platform.


By understanding what your objectives are we can create a Strategy Development Plan tailored to reflect and achieve your objectives.


Once we have established how we are going to achieve your objectives we need to first implement the plan. Once implemented it is imperative to, in order to succeed, assess it by providing quality control and developing it where necessary; the actions implemented need to be evaluated to measure how successful they were.


The ‘Catch’ is the final stage in the Flight Path™ and measures your overall performance – the return on investment.

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